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Right Fit Sports is the most comprehensive and affordable service helping High School Athletes and their families manage the complex process of college placement. Right Fit Sports is dedicated to helping you find the Right school the first time every time.

We are not like those 'other' recruiting services that claim that they have colleges using their service, when all they have is a glorified mailing list of colleges. Don't believe us just ask them this one question; "Which Schools use your service?" If they tell you then call the schools yourself and ask. What you will find is the answer is 'no we don't use xyz service'. College coaches do not see the value in those services because they know that it is not a focused approach. The 100's of resumes these services send to them on a weekly basis are random. They are from athletes that are not really interested in attending their school, nor is the school a fit for the athletes needs. College coaches have limited time and recruiting budgets and cannot afford to waste time recruiting an athlete that is not genuinely interested in their programs. These so called recruiting companies make false promises to families and collect $1000's for something that you can do yourself.

Right Fit Sports was created after 5 years of traveling the United States and talking to college coaches, college admissions officers, High School Athletes, High School coaches and everyone in between. The more we researched the more we realized that what everyone needed was a simple way to manage this complicated process. What we created was the Right Fit Sports program.

Our program is the most comprehensive in the business. We give you all the tools you need to find the right college for you. It all starts with the right plan and we give you this and more. How does it all start?

Step 1: Use our College Sports Database to locate the school that matches your needs first.
Step 2: Help mom and dad create a financial plan to afford the schools from step 1.
Step 3: Narrow your list of schools down to the ones that meet your academic and financial requirements.
Step 4: Gather qualified academic and athletic references
Step 5: Create your athletic resume complete with a copy of your transcripts and game-film.
Step 6: Communicate directly with the college coaches on your list and track your progress on our system.
Step 7: Commit to the college of your choice.

Sound Simple? It is but it takes a lot of hard work and a plan. You need to train as hard off the field on your academics and plan as you do on the field. It takes time to put together a good plan and if you use our program and follow these simple steps and stay realistic in your approach, there is a college for EVERY athlete that wants to play in college. If the coach doesn't know you exist they can't recruit you for their team.

Join us today and start your career on the right path!