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You work hard to build your reputation, and reputation helps you sell your events. Now you can add to your reputation by offering this high value service for student athletes. And you get the credit for bringing the athlete this comprehensive service.

As you hear in the NCAA ads on TV, most athletes will go pro in something other than sports. That's why it is so important to get into the right college. And with the competition heating up in the admissions offices, students will need every advantage.

RightFit Sports helps high school athletes with tools and knowledge to get every advantage... with or without athletic scholarship money.

RightFit Sports is the only organizational tool dedicated to educating and organizing the high school athlete in order to acheive the best possible athletic, educational and financial opportunity. This gives them the advantage over other students by knowing the rules and having the tools to increase their chances for scholarships and/or grant money.

This requires little or no effort on your part!
In fact, it literally runs itself. Once you sign up, you get a branded homepage which takes each family through the process at a comfortable, organized pace which simplifies the college process. Because the system is based on multiple lessons, it allows you to be in front of the athlete and their family with your brand each time a lesson is presented, with a minimum of 12 contact emails in a year. Think of it as a monthly connection with your customer for the entire year between events.

Student are protected.
We will NEVER sell the student's names or spam them with unwanted information. This service is financed by sponsors who support the programs; much like the way that GOOGLE is FREE to the end user because of the paid sponsor links at the top of each search page.

Your Branded Page
This is a marketer's dream. Our service is designed to run as you! You are given a system with your logo and brand so your athletes know that you care about them beyond the event!

Plus your athletes can perform their own college searches in one of the largest college databases in the country. They'll be able to store their preferred schools in their college locker for further research or later contact. Your athletes can build their own athlete profiles, complete with gamefilm and first-look transcripts. Unlike other sites, we will not promise them scholarships, but we can guarantee that once they complete the program and learn about their financial aid options, they will have the edge over all other student/athletes. Our goal is simply to increase your athletes' chances for athletic, academic and/or grant money while actually getting into the right school for their career goals.

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