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Our daughter wanted to pay her own way through college by playing basketball and getting an athletic scholarship. Since we knew very little about the recruiting process we brought in the heavy weight of Kelly Kennedy to assist us with the process. Kelly's experience as a college coach gave us such great insight into the recruiting process and how it works.

Kelly touched base with us on an ongoing bases and she was able to help us sort through the information and contacts from the coaches in order to know who was truly serious about offering our daughter a scholarship.

With her guidance we knew we were on the right path and the recruiting process was much less stressful. Kelly was there to help us make a recruiting plan and assist us every step of the way.

When you consider the cost of college tuition for even a small institution you will be lucky if the cost is only around $75,000 for four years. The investment you make in Kelly is so small when you consider the outcome of even a partial scholarship.

The best thing we did for our daughter was to hire Kelly Kennedy as our recruiting consultant. She not only cared about our daughter and where she would end up going to school but during the process she offered great advise on the decision making process. As a result, our daughter has a full ride athletic scholarship and is extremely happy with her decision.

I'm happy to recommend Kelly to you, she is an invaluable resource.


Patty St. Lawrence
Chief Operating Officer
RTM Productions, Inc
130 SE Parkway Court
Franklin, TN 37064
Bus 615-5039700
Fax 615-503-9718
Cell 615-417-6424

I am writing this letter in regards to Ms. Kelly Kennedy and Right Fit Sports. Kelly came to Orange High School and did an outstanding job in presenting to our student-athletes and parents about the college recruiting process. As most of you know the recruiting process is complicated and can be quite frustrating and confusing to parents, and our families were very thankful for having this important information provided to them. Kelly did an excellent job of providing our audience with a clear and concise program, and explained things in a way that our parents and athletes could understand.

Her background as a college coach is a big asset to her program. The knowledge she has gained from her many years out on the road recruiting is now used to help guide high school student athletes and parents. In addition, her company, Right Fit Sports, provides an amazing web based program to aid in the recruiting process. It is my opinion that this program is the top of line, and many of our student-athletes have signed up to use it.

I would highly recommend that you take advantage of what Kelly and Right Fit Sports can offer you and the families in your district. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at (216) 831-1862.


T.J. Rockwell
Director of Athletics
Orange High School

This past fall we invited Kelly Kennedy to Hawken School to discuss the Right Fit Sports program. Kelly's presentation was informative. However, what impressed me and our parents most was her "coach-like," personal experience that made the presentation valid and genuine. I highly recommend Kelly to any school, parent, or student-athlete. The program is a good one; her presentation of the Right Fit Sports tool made the program better.

George E. Long, Jr.
Director of Athletics
Hawken Hawks
440.423.2108(o) /440.479.3474(c) /440.423.2958(fax)

We wanted to give our daughter the best opportunity to play at the college level. Working with Kelly didn't make our daughter a better athlete, but it did give us the peace of mind in knowing that we did everything we could to obtain an athletic scholarship. The most valuable asset Kelly had to offer us was her experience as a head coach at the Division One level. We always felt she knew what she was talking about because of her background.

Terry and John DuBroy
Parents of Basketball/Volleyball Player