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About Right Fit Sports Program

Right Fit Sports believes in helping people help themselves. We provide you with all the information you need to understand the College recruiting and placement process. Our service includes:
  • Complete Athletic Profile
    To Show colleges your best stuff. Video area, Stats, Contact information, see me play schedule and much more.
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  • Complete College search database
    To help you find the Right Fit Academically and socially first. Complete with direct links to the schools websites and critical data.

  • Complete Financial Aid Guide
    Learn how to legally reduce your out of pocket to afford schools you never thought possible.

  • Complete NCAA FAQ Area
    Understand all the ins and outs of the NCAA rules and regulations. Learn things like how to register for the NCAA clearinghouse, NCAA core course requirements, recruiting periods and much more.

  • NCAA Newsletter
    Get the latest information on NCAA rules changes before your competition does!

  • Security for Your Athletic Portfolio
    Protect your private information so that no one sees your stuff unless you want them to see it.

  • Delivery Confirmation of Every Communication
    Our members have the ability to track EVERY message they send to college coaches. We let you know when the College coach opens the message and when they view your player profile. This guarantees that your information is being seen.

  • Portfolio View Counter
    Every time a college looks at your information our Sports Counter increments one time. This helps you make sure that your marketing efforts are working properly.

  • Direct communication with Colleges
    We allow you to send your player profile instantly to ANY college sports program in the country.

  • Unlimited Notes and History tracking
    Keep track of all your college searches and organize them in order of priority. Keep track of college coach contact information and click one button to send them a personal message. Your player profile is instantly transferred to their desk for viewing.

  • Videos Area
    Our members are given an area to store up to 5 minutes of game film so colleges can see your best stuff from the comfort of their office! Our video technology is second to none.
    View Right Fit Sports Sample Profile

  • Transcripts Area
    Our members are allowed to upload an image of their transcripts so college coaches can see your academics instantly. Remember, colleges cannot recruit you if you cannot make the grade!

  • Automatic Responses
    When a college coach views our members player profiles our system generates a personal message from you thanking them automatically. Let's college coaches know that you are on top of your game on and off the field!

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