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Right Fit Sports was created to help High School Athletes and their families manage the complex process of college sports recruiting and placement. We spent over 5 years researching NCAA rules and regulations, talked with college coaches from Junior colleges to 4 year Division I programs. We listened to families of college bound athletes and their high school coaches. From these discussions and research we determined that what everyone needed was a simple way to manage and organize the process.

Our program was developed to help athletes pick the right schools based on academic and financial needs first and then help them create an athletic resume to promote themselves to those specific schools. Right Fit Sports is not a random shot in the dark like those 'other' expensive recruiting services. It is a focused and organized approach to the process of college placement. What we have found in our research is that there is a college for every athlete that wants to play sports in college... The trick is finding it!

Our comprehensive database of colleges that offer athletic sports programs consists of over 2500+ schools. We give our athletes direct access to these schools academic and financial requirements. Our athletes can search these schools and specify what is important to them. Search by size, location, religion, sports affiliation, cost of attendance, degrees offered and much more. We give you direct links to the schools websites and a place to store and track your research on these schools.

Once you create your initial list of schools we give you access to financial information and show you how to reduce your out of pocket to pay for colleges you never thought possible! By creating a financial plan first you dramatically increase your chances of being recruited. Why? Over 90% of the opportunities that you might be presented with will contain no scholarship offers. So if a coach is recruiting two athletes and one is a better player with no way to pay for the school, the college coach cannot even consider recruiting them. We give you the power to control your financial plan and leverage this to land opportunities.

Finally, we give you a detailed athletic resume with areas to show coaches why they need you most. Our standardized athletic resume tool is complete with an area for game-film and your transcripts so coaches can see what you've got. We give our athletes the ability to email their information to ANY school in the country and track whether the coach has viewed their information. We give you direct communications with the coaches that you want to play for in real time... no more snail mail!

We are excited that you have found our program and we look forward to seeing you succeed at picking the right school and living out your dreams!